Real Kefir from Anti-inflammatory Milk

Healing Pastures

Our organic cows don’t have the inflammation causing A1 gene. Our milk only contains the A2 protein (like goat, sheep and – this may surprise you – human milk).

They are 100% pasture fed.  Making it way higher in inflammation reducing Omega 3.

We cool ferment it with real kefir grains (not culture) and then second ferment it with turmeric and black pepper.


We have lots of super simple ideas for helping you make your own probiotic food.

Great health starts with a strong and varied population of good gut bacteria.  

Whether you are dealing with an inconvenient autoimmune condition, like eczema, psoriosis or fibomyalgia.  

Or you have been through the trauma of dealing with a life threatening, chronic illness.

You have probably at some point heaped blame on your body for letting you down.  For landing you with rashes and pain or worse for making you deal with a frightening life threatening issue.

The good news is that given the right ingredients your body will do its best to heal.

Give it probiotic packed superfoods and It will populate the void in your gut left by antibiotics, by poor diet or that wild party lifestyle you had in your teens and 20s.

Even if you have been through chemotherapy or radiation, your body will gratefully repopulate with healing, good bacteria.

Just a few of the benefits of replenishing your good bacteria supplies in your body are:

They take the load off your overworked immune system by fighting off infection.  

They displace the bad bacteria which are causing your immune system to continually be in a state of high alert.  

They help you digest your food so that your body can absorb the nutrients it needs to heal.  

In probiotic foods the good bacteria partially break down the food before you eat it.  This means your body can get more value out of it than if it hadn’t been fermented.

And all this all adds up to you waking up one morning and realising that your pain has gone.

Or that you can live without fear of your chronic health issues coming back because you can feel your body healing.  Your energy levels are better than you can remember, your brain fog has gone and your happiness levels are soaring.

This is our sweet spot at Healing Pastures?

Producing the most healing, nutrient dense food and fermenting it with potent probiotics.

We also love to share ideas for super easy home fermenting.

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